Znajdź dla siebie idealne krzesło

Find the perfect chair for you

We know that choosing the right chair is quite a challenge. There are many options: upholstered or wooden; with or without armrest. Additionally, there is the possibility of personalization. How to make a decision? Answer the following question:

What will the chair be used for?

Chairs serve various functions in our homes. Is it supposed to be a dining chair? Maybe for the living room or bedroom? Do you want to spend hours at your desk or just sit for a while at the kitchen island?

Dining chair

Choose a chair that will fit the table - pay special attention to the height of the armrests. If you don't want to take risks, choose a chair without armrests. Chairs with smaller dimensions are Vica, Numo, Nino, Azzar, Calma or Grace. If you want a larger chair, consider Gio and Vero.

If you like to dine at the table for a long time and have space for larger chairs, take a look at our flagship models: Molteo, Lofty and Fendi.



Modern design is guaranteed by the Geometric, Madox, Sillon and Sillas models.

Are you afraid of getting dirty? Choose a fully wooden chair: Monti Wood, Azzar Wood, Calma Wood and Grace.

Kitchen chair

Do you have a kitchen island and need a comfortable stool for it? You will definitely find the right candidate: Molteo stool, Vica stool, Merano stool and Grace stool.

Molteo stool

Living room chair

Choose a chair you'll want to sit on for hours. Appropriate ergonomics and soft upholstery are guaranteed by the Lofty, Merano Lounge, Maison, Fendi and Avanti models.

Merano Lounge

Fancy something bigger? Choose the Chairman chair. It is the perfect companion for long evenings by the fireplace, interesting conversations and beautiful family moments.

Bedroom chair

You've had a hard day and want to go to bed quickly? Where will you leave your things? On your favorite chair from Estetici! For the bedroom, we recommend upholstered models that will give you a cozy feeling. Our favorites are Gio, Fendi and Numo.


Desk chair

The heaviest caliber: it must keep you comfortable for many hours of work and prevent back pain. Our chairs are made so that you can sit comfortably on them for a very long time. Do you like having your arms supported? See the Molteo, Lofty, Merano Arm, Avanti models. Prefer something more compact? This is where Vica, Gio, Nino come to the rescue.


We hope this post helped you narrow down your search. Remember that if you have any doubts, we are here for you. We will be happy to help you choose the right model and the right finishing of the chair. Contact us in a form convenient for you: by e-mail or by phone:


+48 514 340 744

Enjoy your shopping :)

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