Trendy 2024 - styl japandi

Trends 2024 - Japandi style

Japandi is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. It is characterized by the use of natural materials, neutral colors and simplicity of form. The Japandi style has become one of the main interior design trends because it brings relief after a whole day spent in the bustle of the city. An interior finished in this way brings solace, calms and calms down.

The predominant colors are grey, beige and white. A wooden floor is mandatory, preferably in the color of natural oak. Additionally, light furniture, often in muted white. Microcement on the walls, warm shades of wood. Accessories made of natural stone: travertine or marble. Recreating nature and its balance in the interior. Simplicity, minimalism and warmth.

Our offer includes chairs designed in the Japandi style. Our favorite is Molteo - a chair with a lightweight structure. Comfortable and designer. It looks great in the color of natural oak combined with beige or gray fabric. A very universal combination, but that's what it's all about.


Molteo has its bigger brother in the form of a stool.

Molteo stool

For a Japanese-style living room, we recommend the Avanti model. Avanti is a piece of furniture where you can spend hours talking to a friend, rest after a hard day or drink delicious coffee in the morning. It looks great in the configuration presented in the visualization:


The models presented above are the quintessence of the Japandi style. Simplicity combined with the warmth of the fabric. We cordially invite you to choose your own chair configuration. They will serve you and future generations.

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